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Reframing the business reasoning and ethical standards of a major pharmaceutical company


Valeant PharmaSwiss Hellas, member of Valeant Group company, was restructuring its operating model, transforming thus its culture, ethical standards and business reasoning in the Greek market.

This change required a new set of values and a new way of thinking about and beyond business.  As new members had recently joined the Management Team, the new C-suite of Executives wanted to co-generate a common culture, penetrated by shared values and strategic initiatives. They also needed to further enhance their management skills and manage to align their teams’ behaviors towards a shared objective.


To help the new leadership team to co-generate α shared culture and reframe its vision, context and strategic initiatives accordingly, we used our Leadership Team Alignment (LTA™) Program. LTA™ enables leadership teams to perceive, visualize and plan a change strategy directed by the desired future outcome and cultivate trust, collaboration, accountability and resilience during its implementation.

All participants were initiated to the program by completing a personal leadership profile and a team effectiveness assessment. They then proceeded with one-to-one self-awareness sessions with our coaches. After all coaching sessions were resumed, the team attended a 2-day workshop where team dynamics were assessed and analyzed and the bases for productive collaborative relationships and personal accountability, under a shared vision were set. After the end of the workshop, the individual coaching sessions continued to run every three months and the program was concluded by a follow-up team session to measure progress and business impact.


The leadership team members gained a better understanding of the expectations of the management team and aligned priorities and actions accordingly. They realized the big picture, better defining their own role and contribution towards it. Every member of the team committed to work towards developing and overcoming personal pitfalls, improving thus collaboration across the team. Communication among the team members became more open and direct and expectations got clearer. But most importantly, by getting to know each other better and by respecting the stronger and weaker aspects of each other, the team learned to work more productively and got closer to its long-term goals. To put it down to numbers, there was a YoY growth in sales of 105% with YoY growth in EBITA of 192% and a job satisfaction at 99% , the highest globally in the network.

“A truly powerful experience and a great “Kick Off” for what should be a never ending quest to bind us altogether, to help us find purpose in what we do & to make us discover new lands & achieve new heights and to keep us Moving Forward.”


“It freed me up to the true sense of what I believe my mission should be that of the Chief Energy Officer and Context Curator of my team and of my company.”


“Improving, being a better person and transferring the LTA knowledge to all aspects of my everyday life, and more importantly to my family”


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