What are the keys to “unlock” one’s vision?

15/09/2017What are the keys to “unlock” one’s vision?

Senior Partner/Co-founder SARGIA Partners UK Ltd, Trainer of Master Coaches

Most people are locked up by their sense of survival. This way of engaging life requires all energy to be exerted toward self-preservation.

Unlocking “one’s” vision requires “One” to think beyond “oneself”.
Vision requires someone to go beyond what they can “get” to what they can create or give. Vision is birthed when one looks at the world from the frame of “contribution” vs. entitlement. It is an age old saying that “he who would like to find his life will lose it, but he who has learnt to give his life will continually find it.”
This means that somehow even in our darkest days the desire to create value overcomes our perceived need to preserve the way things are. When we go through tough times we are more prone to want to sustain the status quo than we are to generate value. So we learn to tolerate the
despair of unrealized potential. We have become victims to the conversation we have with ourselves about how difficult it is. In order to unlock our vision we get to start with one simple decision.

Raise your Standard.
Move from Playing “Not to Lose” to “Playing to Win”. Contribute. GIVE. Every great story of victory was birthed in the recognition of great need or despair that is challenged by great Visioneers who recognize the opportunity in the very same context of despair. John F Kennedy planted the seed in a nation needing hope beyond their despair by saying – “Ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country”.