The power of visualization

11/08/2016The power of visualization

As long as the mind can imagine it, it can be done.” 

This quote has a great deal of truth in it. The mind has powers beyond what was conceived as believable.

THE USE of visualization is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the achievement of a goal, but it is probably the most under-utilized success tool available. Unfortunately, most people simply do not take advantage of this powerful technique to advance their desired results. But that can be reversed quickly if one will seriously consider the benefits to be derived from well-formed goals being vividly pictured in the mind.When employing the proven process of visualization, desired goals can be within reach much sooner than one might first expect. It activates the subconscious mind to find solutions and boosts new levels of motivation.

When creating compelling and vivid pictures in the mind, the subconscious will search and capture the information needed to bring the image increasingly closer to reality. This process stimulates the mind to become aware of anything that will help accomplish the goal that is pictured.Think, search, find, and support.

In a Harvard study, researchers discovered that students who visualized in advance of anticipated tasks performed with nearly 100% accuracy when tested, compared to those who did not visualize and achieved only 55% accuracy. It is pretty common knowledge that best performing athletes use the art of visualization to mentally practice their success before competing-- with outstanding results.

The person who learns to properly set goals and then proceeds to also use the process of consistently visualizing their successful completion will always have a competitive edge over the individual who does not utilize this success tool. Learn to write down well-constructed goals, repeatedly review and affirm them, and definitely visualize each goal on a consistent basis.