TESI®: Assessing you Τeam Emotional & Social Intelligence

Expand Your Team’s Emotional and Social Intelligence

TESI® is the Collaborative Growth Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® developed by Marcia Hughes and James Terell, team leadership coaches at Collaborative Growth®.

TESI® is a team alignment tool that creates the opportunity for a Team 360, wherein each team member measures and rates the entire team’s capabilities and skills from his or her perspective. Team members and senior leaders can gauge their level of identification with the team, and their engagement, and assess and analyze the team’s communications and conflict resolution processes.

The TESI® report and its breakout graphs support team alignment by providing teams with unique insights and a clear picture of each team’s strengths and weakness: the team can then put powerful team alignment ideas into effect that expand these strengths and minimize weaknesses. Teams can better adapt to complexity and reach a higher plane of operational success when each member attains a better understanding of his or her emotional and social intelligence.

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