Leadership Team Alignment

Why Leadership Team Alignment?

In many ways, organizational alignment starts at the top. In this regard, it is critical that leaders are fully aligned with a shared set of values, a common purpose and mastering the key competencies for teamwork which in today’s corporate environment holds the key to business success.

Research suggests the key reason why some leadership teams fall is that its members are ill-prepared to make the transition from individual contributor to team member.

We start with the premise that the team is a living system, a learning team – more than the sum of the individual parts. The system has behavior affected by the individuals’ personal visions, mental models and behaviors.

Therefore, understanding how the system and the individual work and developing a shared vision and commitments for the future, on personal and teamwork mastery, are fundamental.

The Benefits

  • Builds a true shared vision, aligning individuals to a collective inspiring purpose
  • Aligns behaviors with business goals
  • Supports organizational transformation initiatives
  • Builds personal and team awareness and accountability
  • Strengthens the communication, trust, empathy, decision making and loyalty of the team

Our approach