Personal Branding

Why Personal Branding is important?

Just as a corporate brand reflects a company, your personal brand says everything about you. It is the image, the emotion and the thought that you invoke in the other person after you have interacted and communicated with them.

It is how you are remembered with your clients, colleagues and competitors. It is how you endure in your industry. And like corporate brands, only the strongest personal brands will survive.

Personal Branding Concept
Professional Presence

Brand Value

Non Verbal Communication
Behavior of your Brand
Verbal Communication

Within 30 seconds of meeting people we 80% accurate in assesing their competence.Your Personal Brand is a promise of value, a promise of quality, consistency and reliability.

Create your Unique Personal Brand promise

Most leaders today underestimate and underinvest in the value of their personal brand. Other’s neglect their personal brand altogether. We’re here to help with Personal Branding Modules which include:

Personal Branding Concept

  • The power of First Impressions
  • Why Personal Brand Matters
  • Discover your Brand
  • Your Branding Building Blocks

Professional Presence

  • Consistency & Congruency of Image
  • The Overall Impression
  • Camouflage Techniques (Men & Women)
  • The Art of Combining Colours
  • Work Capsule Wardrobe

Non Verbal Communication

  • The Power of Body Language
  • Non Verbal Signaling
  • Body Language Components

Verbal Communication

  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Active Listening
  • Questioning Skills

Behavior of your Brand

  • Influencing Others
  • Effective Networking
  • Business Etiquette