Leadership Agility 360

Why Leadership Agility 360™?

Leadership agility is the ability to lead effectively when rapid change and uncertainty are the norm and when success requires consideration of multiple views and priorities. It requires a process of using enhanced awareness and intentionality to increase effectiveness under real-time conditions: stepping back from whatever one is focused on, gaining a broader perspective and bringing new insight into what needs to be done next. The Leadership Agility 360™ methodology and tools are based on the research findings emerged from the stage-development psychology.At each higher level of development, leaders“make sense” of the world in more complex and inclusive way-their minds grow “bigger.”

The Action Arenas of Leadership Agility

The Leadership Agility 360 assesses a manager’s level of agility within each of these three specific “action arenas”. There are eight quantitative questions and two written-comment questions (strengths and needs for improvement) for each arena:

Leading organizational change

Taking initiatives to improve an organization and its key relationships.

Improving team performance

Taking initiatives to improve a team and its key relationships.

Engaging in pivotal conversations

Person-to-person discussions with important outcomes at stake.

The Benefits

  • Translates transformation strategies into action plan
  • Makes your company focused, fast and flexible responding to the new market challenges
  • Creates the context and the practices for deep team collaboration & synergy
  • Transforms problems into opportunities from a systemic perspective
  • Makes your company a Learning Organization – challenging present mental models for team learning and breakthrough thinking

The Four Types of Leadership Agility