LA 360

LA 360™: Assessing your Leadership Agility

Developing the Master Competency to Navigate Complexity

Leadership Agility is now considered by most leadership coaches to be the “master competency” necessary for effective decision making in response to complex and rapidly-changing conditions. The ChangeWise Leadership Agility 360™, developed in partnership with Cambria Consulting, is the only online leadership assessment tool that uses a systematic approach to measure the leadership agility of senior leaders, or of an entire team; it also gauges the company’s learning environment.

The ChangeWise Leadership Agility 360™ is an online leadership assessment tool features 24 Leadership Agility practices, each found within a 9-point Behaviorally-Anchored Rating Scale (BARS). These practices measure behavior in each of the three “Action Arenas” or leadership contexts: our research demonstrates each of these arenas has significant impact on leader effectiveness (8 items per arena).

The three levels of Leadership Agility

The Leadership Agility 360™ is crucial executive coaching tool: it identifies where managers are as they progress from tactical problem-solvers into strategic managers, and, ultimately, into visionary leaders. According to extensive leadership coaching research, managers progress to each of these three leadership agility levels sequentially, and they retain the capabilities and skills they gain at each level as they drive toward the next level.

  • Expert: Individuals at this level of leadership agility use their technical and functional expertise to make tactical organizational improvements, supervise teams, identify and solve key problems and sell their solutions to others. Research indicates about 45% of today’s managers operate at the Expert level.
  • Achiever: Those who function at this level of leadership agility are change agents. They are leading change by setting clear objectives, by motivating and orchestrating team alignment and performance, and by engaging in challenging cross-boundary conversations. About 35% of today’s managers operate at the Achiever level.
  • Catalyst: Individuals at this level of leadership agility are rare. Catalysts are visionaries who are leading transformation at their organizations. They build high impact teams and attract and inspire others to collaborate on creative, high-leverage solutions to tough organizational issues. They have insight and vision. Only 10% of today’s managers operate at the Catalyst level.

As change accelerates and the world becomes ever-more complex, leadership agility is key to operational success. More Experts must become Achievers, and more Achievers must become Catalysts. The Leadership Agility 360™ is a core tool for addressing evolving complexities. It empowers senior leaders and helps them, and their organizations’, journey to greatness.

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