Dr. Sally Ann Law

Dr. Sally Ann Law

Leadership Coach

Sally Ann is an Executive Coach with a Ph.D. in applied psychology (The Claremont Graduate University, CA, USA). She has been running her coaching business in London for over 15 years and is one of the UK’s leading executive coaches. Her client base comprises board members and senior leaders of both UK and international companies. She also provides coaching to those in the middle levels of management as well as top organisational talent. She is a certified Master Coach and was the UK/European Faculty Head of the Behavioral Coaching Institute from 2008 – 2011 during which time she delivered 4-day executive coach training courses. She is a passionate and transformational coach who relishes the challenge of supporting people to recognise and realise their talent and potential.

Her corporate coaching client organisations have included The Cabinet Office, UK Government, The Guardian Media News Group, Kimberly-Clark International, J.P. Morgan, Warner Music, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, WestLB (Westdeutsche Landesbank), Maxus Global Media, and KBC Bank.

In addition to her 1:1 coaching work, she develops and runs training workshops, gives talks and presentations, contributes on radio and TV (e.g., BBC Breakfast News, Channel 5 News) as well as provides articles and quotes for print media (e.g., The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express). Sally Ann is also an Associate of Working With Cancer, a Social Enterprise providing coaching, training and consultancy services to employers and health professionals supporting employees who want to remain in, or return to, work during or after cancer treatment.

Prior to becoming a coach, Sally Ann worked as a research scientist for the RAND Corporation, a think-tank headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, USA. Her research focused on innovation and development in organisations such as the UN, The World Bank, the OECD and various UK and US government departments. During this time she travelled extensively, working and interviewing people around the world from all walks of life, from prison inmates to senior members of governments and international organisations.

Sally Ann has a BA degree in Linguistics, and BA, MA and PhD degrees in Psychology. She speaks German fluently, has a good working knowledge of French and an understanding of Spanish and Dutch.

Specialization: Leadership Coaching, Research Science