Coaching Mastery for Leaders

Coaching Mastery for Leaders

A 3-day course designed by the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC), USA and SARGIA Partners.

Coaching can deliver dramatic results and drive significant financial impact to the bottom line. Many organizations today utilize coaching to build alignment, accelerate goals, and develop current and future leaders.

Corporate coaching is focused on execution and results!

All leaders must have coaching skills as an essential element in their leadership toolbox. Leaders who consistently utilize coaching skills have more effective teams, higher morale, and better bottom line results. Organizations with a coaching culture have high levels of retention of key people, better customer service and higher productivity.

The Course

The Advanced Coaching Mastery (ACM) is a three day workshop designed as an accelerated, intensive immersion-style course tailored for leaders so they develop mastery in the science, art and business of the best tool for leadership development. Learn and practice the specialized competencies and frameworks to masterfully manage coaching conversations. Explore the latest models and protocols of leadership coaching and master the coaching skills of building awareness, focused attention, commitment to personal mastery and collaborative relationships.

Graduates earn the prestigious and recognized Advanced Coaching Master (ACM) designation by the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC).