Breakthrough Thinking

Explore Your Unprecedented Potential

Group Dynamics that Create Results

The sum of us is greater than the individual parts - great ideas are created when our collective good ideas connect and collide. The greatest challenge is to create a forum for the great ideas to do just that.

  • Healthy Participation and Collaboration
  • Commitment and Future Based Conversation (the power of Point B)
Group Dynamics gone sideways
Ignite your innovation circuitry

Practice two mental frameworks to turn on your brain’s light bulb and venture into the unknown that facilitates original thinking.

Practice the Analogical Thinking Framework

Where you will achieve conceptual expansion of the target by analogical mapping that projects inferences from base to target.

Practice the Divergent Thinking Framework

Where you will generate multiple uncensored solutions to open-ended problems seeing connections between disparate concepts or objects.

Practice “BEING”

Learn why Mindfulness is core to all creative activity. Strip away the calcified assumptions about yourself and the world. Take your brain to the highest level of synchrony and connection among its various parts.