Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Team Success

30/09/2016Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Team Success

-by Marcia Hughes and James Bradford Terrell, 
Authors of the Emotionally Intelligent Team

When your team collaborates, you take time to explore alternative answers and find a solution that integrates the wisdom of the team. As you see from the diagram, the Collaborative Growth Team Model has three circles that reflect team behaviors and benefits. The outer circle contains the 7 behaviors of success. The middle circle of benefits is activated when a healthy set of the 7 outer skills are sparked by a team.The inner circle highlights the long term benefits of sustained productivity and a resilient feeling of well-being that provides strength to meet the many challenges that come their way. These benefits are a result of a team intentionally seeking to be at its best. 

Perfection is not required or possible, really good results and a great experience working on the team are the goals to seek.