The Power of Leadership Alignment

04/10/2016The Power of Leadership Alignment

As the business world is rapidly changing, in methods, needs, technology, and distance, it becomes very difficult to predict the future. Companies must work on their adaptability in order to survive by enabling their people to respond to the new circumstances. Developing their Collaborative Intelligence would lead directly to that capability. Collaboration is a composite skill which taps to a teams’ Emotional & Social Intelligence, and takes exponential advantage of every available resource. It is a distinct measurable collective dimension enhanced by members’ social sensitivity, and empathy.

Collaboration is something much deeper than merely synchronizing members’ skills and processes. At the very core of it we find team alignment. Especially in times that leadership team members bring diverse expertise, aligning their common beliefs and their behaviors has become the greatest challenge.

SARGIA Partners has helped many leadership teams to create their future and align their behaviors towards their commonly agreed vision and values. With our proprietary LTATM program we helped them develop their trust, to open their communication channels and cascade their goals throughout the organization, as well as to find ways to constructively resolve their conflicts.

The most important aspects of leadership alignment are to develop a shared understanding, to define their existence as a team, and to create a safe and supportive environment that fosters collaboration. We encouraged shared accountability and transformed leadership members to be fully engaged and committed to their vision and values. It is very important for the organizations to realize that alignment starts at the top and that leadership is responsible for manifesting their agreed behaviors and be the role models for everyone else.

They are the ones to inspire others to success, and recreate their future. When teams come into alignment everything seems easy. There is a feeling of confidence and achievement orientation, while each member sees their colleagues as their alter ego in the common effort into shared goals.

Collaboration in an aligned team represents a more promising and effective way forward. Research suggests the key reason why some leadership teams fall is that its members are ill-prepared to make the transition from individual contributor to team member. We in SARGIA start with the premise that the team is a living system, a learning team – more than the sum of the individual parts.

The system has behavior affected by the individuals’ personal visions, mental models and behaviors. Therefore, understanding how the system and the individuals work and developing a shared vision and commitments for the future, on personal and teamwork mastery, are fundamental to collaboration. We encourage leadership members to share their knowledge and create a culture of continuous learning. This unlocks their creativity and enables them to develop trust and better decision making.

Developing their interdependence, working together and in accordance provides them with a competitive advantage, and they achieve high performance standardsby tapping to their competencies. Their organization becomes resilient and agile to environmental changes, enabling all stakeholders for a holistic approach. We in SARGIA recognize the importance of creatingteam synergy through aligning behavioral transformation.