The Core of all Creative Activity is Mindfulness

03/10/2016The Core of all Creative Activity is Mindfulness

TRUST. CONNECTING THE DOTS. These two concepts reflect the relationship between mindfulness and creativity. It’s difficult to be creative when we fear uncertainty. Mindfulness helps us become more comfortable with the unknown, and gives us the space to observe our thoughts and the world around us, opening the door for us to make the daring connections that are at the heart of creative thinking.

The bonus of becoming more mindful is that we can also grow happier, healthier and less judgmental of ourselves, which will motivate us to become even more bold and innovative.

Mindfulness cultivates empathy for yourself and your customers, which is the origin of creative business strategies and crucial for leadership, design, social good, and all of the relationships in your life.Mindfulness helps us to drop our old stories about ourselves, so that we can create new ones. When we embrace the present, the stress of our past and our future fades, and we can expand the boundaries of our imagination. Once we strip away the calcified assumptions about ourselves and our world, we can see everything from a fresh perspective.