New Thinking, New Behaviors

16/05/2017New Thinking, New Behaviors
Is Leadership keeping up? Given the gravity of the role that leaders play in today’s complex, highly volatile, uncertain and competitive business environment, this question needs to be asked: Do we have the leaders we need to keep up with the speed of business? Many organizations are missing the opportunity to use their most critical asset, leadership to its fullest potential.

This means that organizations and, most importantly their leaders, must shake up their portfolios, business models, old ways of working and long-held assumptions—they need to reassess how value is generated.

“In a world where the only constant is change itself, what’s needed is new thinking and, even more important, new behaviors”. It is “a wake-up” call for all of us!

We are witnessing a new era where we need to embrace change rather than resist it, and make the value we offer to our customers, our people and our society, distinguished and visible - only then we will survive and prosper. So, what can we do to successfully embrace change and help ourselves and others to move to the next level?

Develop self-awareness and change the behaviors that block our way to the next level of success. In any given situation, we can choose how we respond. We may not choose the change that we have to deal with, or the emotions that we experience when an unexpected event occurs. But we can choose our behaviors, and then change offers us a distinct opportunity to make choices, grow and discover more about who we really are. Then, when we are aware and conscious, we can align our impulses with our long-term interests, directly related to our values.

When we change certain elements of our behaviors, this has the biggest and most positive impact on the culture of our organization and helps us then take ourselves and our team to the “next level.”

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