How can Brain Science help you in the workplace?

07/02/2017How can Brain Science help you in the workplace?
At corporations, human behavior is based on how the brain works. Understanding the conscious and unconscious underpinnings of this behavior helps us to make organized interventions because it enhances our understanding of why we do what we do.
Brain science can help you figure out when unconscious fear is affecting your performance and what to do about it.
Complexity, volatility and stress are not going away. In every corner of our organizations, the heat is on to do more with less, do it quickly and show results. Threats—real and perceived, low-grade and intense—are everywhere.

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HERE’S THE CHALLENGE: when your brain reacts to a perceived threat, you are less likely to be creative, optimally solve complex problems, make connections, see new perspectives and be productive.
“When experiencing perceived threat, the prefrontal cortex of your brain, which is responsible for higher order analysis and thinking, goes off-line,” explains Carol Connolly, a CCL senior faculty member. “This reaction is perfect wiring for physical danger and survival but not the best time to make a strategic business decision. You’ve been hijacked at a time when you need to be at your best.”
The connection between stress and brain function is one area of neuroscience that will change the landscape of leadership development. Advances in neuroscience are giving us insight into how people learn and remember, how we manage our emotions, how we behave in the moment, and how we build long-term resiliency.
However, we know that building leadership and team capability isn’t just about learning new information.  Science is showing that real change happens when information is consumed in smaller bite-sized ‘chunks’. 
We also know that this is not enough to support changing bad habits or ingrained ideas. By providing new knowledge into “chunks” we are transforming leadership and team performance based on what we know and understand about how individuals learn, understand and apply knowledge.

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