Exponential Humanity

28/03/2017Exponential Humanity

By Gerd Leonhard
Futurist and Author of Technology vs Humanity

As much as machinery can mimic the human brain, and indeed outpace it in certain respects in the next few years, no amount of mechanical apparatus can have an original thought, or create a work of art, or invent a new field of science, or develop a culture of anticipation, telepathy, empathy or reciprocity.

As the machine removes so much routine from our lives - and soon so many more complex tasks - humanity in the twenty-first century is called upon to express its full potential, including mind-body connectedness as lost since the Industrial Revolution. Ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy provide some clues to an educated humanity that pursues the arts in synchronicity with commercial and technical excellence.

The great irony is that official education - with its promotion of STEM disciplines and disparagement of liberal arts - is actually obsolescent. The liberal arts, so-called because they belonged to the free, will become the platform for exponential thinking in the twenty-first century – also organizationally, where individual creativity has already overtaken inherited regulation as the primary guarantor of survival and success.

Creativity in a world of commodity products is actually a risk. In a world of global synchronicity with infinite variety, creativity becomes a must. As the arts wither and mimic science, the rich irony of our new century is that organizations must learn to think and act like artists in order to survive. To an artist, chaos is natural. Steve Jobs, the most iconic entrepreneur of the new era, was essentially an artist in a Chief Executive's disguise. As Apple burst the boundaries of computing to become a universal ecosystem, humans are now called upon to leave behind their passive rote learning and teaching by example. Organizational leadership, by turn, will evolve into the art of learning by inquiry - a new Renaissance of discovery.

In our experiential Leadership Seminar, Gerd Leonhard addresses a world of leadership where most of the old models are suddenly obsolete, and delivers inspirational precepts from the parallel worlds of imagination and invention to update your thinking for a digital age.

You will be inspired to abandon linear approaches and incremental progress mindsets, and start embracing uncertainty until you are able to see around the "corner” towards your exponential growth. Unfolding the leadership of the future, you will also understand why you need to engage your people on this journey of continuous learning and adaptation.