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"Stress and anxiety in the workplace is at the highest level ever nowadays, and expected to rise in the future. This is the bad news. The good news however is that using what we know about our brain we can rewire our stress response and wise up to stress"

Time to grow “bigger” minds:

Leadership Seminars is an annual event organized by SARGIA Partners to put your “Brain in the Game”. We leverage the latest brain science findings and top thought leaders on neuroscience to help you navigate complexity, ignite you creative thinking, facilitate sustainable change, improve decision making, develop emotional resilience - all very critical skills for leadership in the future


"This tool can help you check yourself for burnout. It helps you look at the way you feel about your job and your experiences at work, so that you can get a feel for whether you might be at risk of burnout."



SARGIA Partners is a Leadership Transformation Consultancy specializing in Leadership Coaching, Leadership Team Alignment and Leadership Agility. Our focus is leadership in the context of transformation, when core shifts in consciousness, mindset and behaviors are needed to achieve the desired results.

We develop system leaders to enable them drive change by:

  • Inspiring them to develop Bigger Minds with vision, mindfulness and agility
  • Aligning their Team’s mindsets and behaviors to change strategy
  • Embedding a culture of resilience and agility in their organizations

SARGIA’s systemic and transformational leadership development solutions have drawn from the best research and practices of Behavioral and Developmental Stage Sciences, Neuroscience, Learning Organizations’ Disciplines and advanced coaching methodologies.

Coaching Wisdom

As leaders, we often think that if we are great communicators or use good presentations our people will surely follow. Someone once said, “if you think you are a great leader but no one is following you; you are just out for a walk!”


Critical Leadership Insight

At corporations human behavior is based on how the brain works. Understanding the conscious and unconscious underpinnings of this behavior helps us to make organized interventions because it enhances our understanding of why we do what we do.


Did you know ?

Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.


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